Philip Kapusta's
King James Dictionary

The Issues

Tim Morton says: Our previous word list on was compiled from various sources and we made no claim to originality. This Spring (2011) a man named Philip Kapusta contacted us claiming some of the definitions in the previous list were from a copyrighted work of his called The King James Dictionary. During our discussions of his claims Mr. Kapusta provided many proofs that our King James Dictionary came from what his copyrighted work. He further elaborated that the dictionary could be traced to a prior work of his, called KJVocabulary. In comparing our definitions with his it appears that his claims of his authorship are correct.

Although we do not agree at all with Mr. Kapusta's definitions, his claim is correct in that the definitions in our dictionary are consistent with his. Mr. Kapusta does not have an agenda to manifest. Upon examination, we have found that Mr. Kapusta's definitions have found their way into our dictionary.

Mr. Kapusta does not believe there were any blatant intents on our part to violate his copyright.

Mr. Kapusta's definitions are of course subjective at time, such as his definition for "immorality," which means different things to different people.

Dictionaries and other similar reference works, even small ones, should be used  facts. Mr. Kapusta made it plain his intention with his King James Dictionary was to manifest his personal beliefs.

When Mr. Kapusta first contacted us he said he was "...looking for credit where credit is due."

The Results of Mr. Kapusta's Claims

When Mr. Kapusta first contacted us we doubted his copyright claims because we thought the dictionary was quite common and generic. A considerable part of it is very typical and common, but the definitions he specifically identified as his own are in fact true. They actually do show his "thumbprint," and when we realized this we took the list down.

Since then we have developed a new KJB word list primarily from public domain sources that, we believe, is superior to Mr. Kapusta's. Furthermore, this list in its entirety can be copied and used by anyone for any purpose without credit or attribution to us. If Mr. Kapusta didn't contact us this new and free list likely wouldn't have been compiled (Rom 8:28).

Also, your author learned a lesson. When he compiles material together he needs to be more careful where it came from and what it says, else he may distribute heresy without knowing it. He apologizes to all for his lack or prudence.