Finding The Other Ark

By Tony Benson

There are three arks mentioned in Scripture: Noah's Ark, the ark in which the baby Moses was put, and the ark of the covenant. Although it is possible that Noah's Ark may be found, no one would suppose that the ark of bulrushes in which Moses was put would have survived 3,500 years. But what of the ark of the covenant? Could this still exist somewhere? Might it be found by someone? Are there those who know where it is and could produce it some day?

We would not have thought to pose such questions had we not read recently of two entirely different groups of people who claim actually to have the ark of the covenant. Do either of these claims have any credibility? If they do, does it matter? We will explore in some detail these questions.

  1. The 'Ark' in Ethiopia
  2. Ethiopia and the Jews
  3. Jewish Practices in the Ethiopian Church
  4. Jews in Egypt
  5. The Temple at Aswan
  6. From Egypt to Ethiopia
  7. Is the Ark of the Covenant Really in Ethiopia?
  8. The Ark on Mount Nebo?
  9. Other theories
  10. Tunnel by the Western Wall
  11. The Ark Under the Temple Mount
  12. Footnotes