A Quaker Argument

"Ah," said a skeptical collegian to an old Quaker, "I suppose you are one of those fanatics who believe in the Bible?"

"I do believe in the Bible. Do you believe it?" said the old man.

"No; I can have no proof of its truth."

"Then," inquired the old man, "does thee believe in France?"

"Yes; for although I have not seen it, I have seen others who have. Besides, there is plenty of corroborative proof that such a country does exist."

"Then thee will not believe anything thee or others has not seen?"


"Did thee ever see thy own brains?"


"Did thee ever see a man who did see them?"


This last question was an end to the discussion.

Source: Adams Sentinel, The (Gettysburg, PA), Sept. 29, 1863, page 1.