Mormonism Exposed

The Book of Mormon, they tell us, was written and translated by inspiration of God! and, of course, they were inspired when carrying it through the press. But this inspiration was not sufficient to save them from some of the veriest blunders and Jonathanisms, like the following:--

Bearing down against the church, p. 221.

All manner of good homely cloth, p. 234.

Were placed in most dangerous circumstances, p. 375.

Sent forth to preach among the people, etc. p. 362. [This is the first time we ever knew that God revealed his will by an "etc."], p. 375.

It supposeth me, p. 378.

Rations, p. 380.

Because of the numeriority of their forces, p. 382.

The enormity of our numbers, p. 387.

Are a marching, p. 389.

It mattereth not, p. 399.

The Lord spake and sayeth, p. 7.

Dwindle in unbelief, p. 22.

One eternal round, p. 23.

I saw rumors of wars, p. 28.

Make bellowses, p. 43.

Having been waxed stronger in battle, p. 247.

I am a man of no small reputation among all those who know me, p. 248.

As I was a journeying, p. 249.

The foundation is beginning to be laid, p. 251.

The scriptures are before you; if ye will arrest them, it shall be to your own destruction, p. 260.

The walls were rent in twain, p. 264.

As he was a going forth, p. 270.

He found Mulaki a preaching, p. 254.

Becometh worse than as though they had never known these things, p. 283.

My heart is brim with joy, p. 296.

A tremendous battle, p. 321.

Neither Lamanites, nor no manner of ites, p. 515.

One continual sound of murder, p. 532.

He that eatheth this bread, eatheth of my body to their soul, p. 496.

I will make thy hopes brass, p. 497.

And he was in a clowd, p. 541.

Never has man come before me with such exceeding faith as thou hast; for were it so, ye could not have seen my finger, p. 544.

Did moulten out of a rock, p. 543.

The following are a few of the plagiarisms observable in this book; and no one but an ignoramus would think of denying that they are bungling attempts to imitate the scripture style:--

"The cold and silent grave from which no traveller can return, page 61. O! wretched man that I am! p. 500. Sins which doth so easily beset me, p. 70. I know in whom I have believed, p. 70. Days of probation, p. 81. To be carnally minded is death, p. 82. Wars and rumors of wars, p. 104. Carnal, selfish, devilish, p. 189. Resurrection of endless damnation, p. 189. One faith and one baptism, p. 193. Born of the spirit, p. 214. Must be born again, p. 214. Gall of bitterness and bonds of iniquity, p. 214. The driven snow, p. 4. O! Jesus, thou son of God, have mercy on me, p. 315. Whosoever will come may come, and partake of the waters of life freely, p. 339. For behold, to one is given, by the Spirit, that he may teach the word of knowledge, &c., p. 586. [Compare 1 Cor. xii. 7, 13.] Stand fast in that liberty wherewith God hath made them free, p. 393. Being grieved for the hardness of their hearts, p. 17. By faith on the Son of God, p. 23. He is the same yesterday, to-day, and forever, p. 23. They are they which shall judge the twelve tribes of Israel, p. 27. Pervert the right ways of the Lord, p. 30. How beautiful upon the mountains, p. 31. Did breathe out much threatenings, p. 49. Their torments shall be as a lake of fire and brimstone," p. 256.

The book of Doctrines and Covenants is filled with these miserable attempts to imitate the scripture style, and from hundreds of others we select the following vulgarisms, as a matter of curiosity, coming, as they do, from a book professedly written under divine inspiration:--

      "Let him take with him he that is weak." Doc. and Cov. p. 94.

      "The earth rolls upon her wings." Ib. p. 102.

      "And the stars shall become exceeding angry." Ib. p. 105.

      "He (the angel) shall sound his trump both long and loud." Ib. p. 105, 113, 127.

      "Let not all be spokesmen at once." Ib. p. 107.

      "Art thou a brother or brethren?" Ib. p. 108.

      "All eternity is pained." Ib. p. 118.

      "And from thence whomsoever I shall go forth among all nations." Ib. p. 119.

      "And if thy brother or sister offend thee, thou shalt take him or her between him or her, and thee alone." Ib. p. 125.

      "I the Lord asketh you this question." Ib. p. 134.

      "That thy fasting may be perfect; or, in other words, that thy joy may be full. Verily, this is fasting and prayer; or, in other words, rejoicing and prayer." Ib. p. 140.

      "Revelations," "in other words," are of frequent occurrence in this book.

      "I the Lord willeth." Ib. p. 143.

      "Verily, I say, for this once, I have forgiven your sins." Ib. p. 145.

      "I the Lord justifieth you--I the Lord God maketh you free." Ib. p. 216, 217.

      "I the Lord chasteneth him." Ib. p. 221.

      "For behold, and lo." Ib. page 232.

      "Saith son of Ahman; or, in other words, Alphus; or, in other words, Omegus; even Jesus Christ your Lord." Ib. page 234.

      "It is expedient in me." Ib. page 234, and many other places.

      "All they shall be comforted--all they shall be crowned." Ibid, page 235.

      "And they should gotten together." Ib. p. 236.

      "And his servant went and done all things whatsoever, &c." Ibid, page 238.

      "Shine-love-house." Ibid, page 242.

And what is the sense of the following:--

      "That ye go to make use of the stewardship which I have appointed unto you, exclusive of the sacred things, for the purpose of shine-love these sacred things." Ib. p. 244.

Source: The Millennial Harbinger, August 1843: 346-351