Archaic Words in the NIV

Archaic words are not limited to the King James Version. Not only do modern versions often retain the supposedly archaic words found in the AV, but many times a more formidable word is used to correct a perfectly understandable word or phrase in the AV. This appendix gives those places in the NIV where a simple word or phrase in the AV is replaced by a more difficult word, and those instances where an archaic or somewhat arduous word in the AV is replaced by an equally archaic or even more onerous word. This list is not intended to be exhaustive.


abasement Ezra 9:5heaviness
abashed Isaiah 24:23confounded
abutted Ezekiel 40:18over against
acclamation 2 Chron. 15:14voice
aghast Isa. 13:8amazed
alcove Ezek 40:13little chamber
annotations 2 Chr 13:22story
armlets Num 31:50chains
bewilderment Acts 2:6confounded
blunted Ps 58:7cut in pieces
blustering Job 8:2strong
breakers Ps 93:4waves
brooches Ex 35:22bracelets
brood Is 57:4children
burnished Dan 10:6polished
carnelian Rev 4:3sardine
charioteers 1 Sam 13:5horsemen
citron Rev 18:12thyine
colonnade 1 Ki 7:6porch
commemorate Ex 13:3remember
cooing Song 2:12voice
cors 1 Ki 4:22measures
curds Gen 18:8butter
dappled Zec 6:6gristled
debauchery Gal 5:19lasciviousness
decimated 2 Sam 21:5destroyed
dejected Gen 40:6sad
deluded Isa 44:20deceived
denarii Matt 18:28pence
denarius Matt 20:2penny
desecrate Lev 21:12profane
despoil Jer 30:16give for a prey
detachment John 18:3band
disheartened Ezek 13:22sad
disillusionment Ps 7:14falsehood
dissipation 1 Pet 4:4riot
drachmas Ezra 2:69drams
dragnet Hab 1:15drag
duplicity Lk 20:23craftiness
elation Pro 28:12glory
embedded Ecc 12:11fastened
embitter Ps 73:21grieved
embodiment Rom 2:20form
emphatically Mk 14:31vehemently
encouragingly 2 Chr 30:22comfortably
encrouch Pro 23:10enter
engulf Ps 69:2overflow
enrollment 2 Chr 17:14numbers
enthralled Ps 45:11greatly desire
enveloped Lk 9:34overshadowed
exasperate Eph 6:4provoke
exterminate Ezek 25:7perish
exult Is 14:8rejoice
factions 1 Ki 16:21parts
famished Is 8:21hungry
fattened 1 Sam 28:24fat
faultfindersJude 16complainers
fawns Song 4:5roes
fellowman Micah 2:2man
festival Ex 5:1feast
festive 1 Sam 25:8good
fieldstones Deut 27:6whole stones
figurehead Acts 28:11sign
filigree Ex 28:20enclosings
fishnets Ezek 26:5nets
flagstaff Is 30:17beacon
flank Ezek 34:21side
fleeting Ps 89:47short
flinging Acts 22:23threw
flogged Acts 5:40beaten
floodgates Gen 7:11windows
fluttering Is 16:2wandering
fomenting Is 59:13speaking
forded Josh 2:23passed over
forevermoreJude 25for ever
frolic Ps 104:26play
fruitage Is 27:9fruit
gadfly Jer 46:20destruction
gaiety Is 24:8mirth
galled 1 Sam 18:8displeased
gateway Gen 19:1gate
gaunt Gen 41:3leanfleshed
gauntness Job 16:8leanness
gecko Lev 11:30ferret
glancing Ex 2:12looked
glint Hab 3:11light
glistening Job 41:32shine
gloat Ps 30:1rejoice
gloom Job 10:21darkness
glutted Ezek 39:19full
goblet Is 51:17cup
goiim Gen 14:1nations
grapevine James 3:12vine
harrowing Is 28:24break the clods
haunt Ps 44:19place
headwaters Gen 2:10heads
hoopoe Lev 11:19lapwing
horde Ezek 17:17army
ibex Deut 14:5pygarg
ignoble 2 Tim 2:20dishonour
impaled Ezra 6:11hanged
imperishable 1 Cor 15:50incorruption
impetuous Hab 1:6hasty
improvise Amos 6:5invent
incited 1 Chr 21:1provoked
incurs Pro 9:7getteth
indestructible Heb 7:16endless
indignant Mk 10:41displeased
indispensable 1 Cor 12:22necessary
infamy Is 44:11ashamed
innumerable 2 Chr 12:3without number
insolence Jer 48:30wrath
insolent Rom 1:30despiteful


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Source: "Archaic Words and the Authorized Version," by Dr. Laurence M. Vance.

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